At Lori Fulton, MD it has been our privilege to share in your family’s birth stories for over 24 years.  Our philosophy is that we strive to provide individualized care based upon how each patient envisions their pregnancy and delivery.  We believe that your involvement in your own birth process is the first and most important step toward a satisfying delivery.  Because no two patients are alike, our approach to labor and delivery is equally as diverse.  For example, while we support women who choose an epidural for pain relief, we are also advocates for women who chose natural childbirth.  In addition, while we are advocates of breastfeeding, we also believe that it is the mother’s choice in how to best feed her baby.

We offer state-of-the-art 3D and 4D sonography in our main office.  Additionally, the main office also houses a comfortably appointed fetal monitoring suite should your pregnancy require more in-depth observation.  For your convenience, we also offer a second office, within St Dominic’s medical towers, for low-risk OB appointments and postpartum visits.

We deliver at St Dominic Hospital and Central Mississippi Medical Center.  Both hospitals offer beautifully appointed labor and delivery suites and highly-trained specialty nursing staff.  We plan for healthy deliveries; however, in the event that a mother or baby should need more intensive care, both hospitals have fully equipped newborn and adult intensive care units.

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